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Whew! Caught up! We are quickly running out of excuses not to Jeffco and close out the strakes. We need to finish one of the sight guage plates, install the wire conduits we made earlier, install a rear fuel drain...more on that later..., and clean/sand/prep. We plan on doing a dry run on wed, and having the strakes closed by thurs. Here you can see a summary of all our strake mods: - Custom arm rests to allow for more fuel and a better look - Aft baffle is tucked into the spar at the inboard side to allow for the "hell Hole" mod, and also a little more fuel - Wheel wells are canted to allow for additional fuel in an otherwise wasted space An additional front bulkhead was added to allow for fuel to exist between the carbon beam bulkhead and the end of the strake - The outer most bulkhead angle was widened to allow for a bit more fuel and to facilitate wing R-&-R

9/1/2008   Picture 83

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