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There are now more photos after this one... is August 29, and as you can probably tell, I am behind again on uploading photos....Here is where we finished up to today. I promise that i will backfill pictures and comments of the processes that got us here sometime this the meantime.... All bulkheads are in, glassed down, and fitted with the proper upper strake gap. We found clever ways to pick up extra fuel capacity in five different areas, and although it slowed us down, and added to the complexity of the project, 100 gallons or very near to it should be the result! we will see soon. We flipped the plane, and did some necessary layups, and then flipped it back. We built custom armrest insets instead of baggage compartments. we plumbed/installed the fuel vents, fule pickups, and electronic fule probes. we are well into the installation of sight guages. we cut ou the front gear doors. We did all of the firewall triax work. We built custom wire conduits to go along side the spar in the strakes....And yes...Bruce, Travis, and I wil be applying Jeffco, and closing out the strakes in a few days...what a ride!!

8/30/2008   Picture 55

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