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Did I mention that this was a retract gear plane? It is, and that fact adds a lot of complexity to the strakes. Basically, the gear leg has to be lifted bit by bit, and the strake bottom has to be trimmed out until the leg and tire pass through. It is a tedious process, and it is much easier with two people...especially when one of them has over two decades of experience building Velocity kits at the factory. Thanks Travis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will notice in the picture that we have backed the cut line up about an inch, and trimmed out the foam on the strake. There is a good reason for this...actually two. First, the skin is really thin, and will need aditional glass to glass layups to be strong. Second, there is a wheel well and a gear socket that get bonded into these areas, and there needs to be a way to transition onto them.

8/29/2008   Picture 45

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