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I just love how much room there is to work in a hanger...Oops! I forgot to tell you about the hanger. I had been working on the plane in my garage, when I realized that the plane would not fit through the door if I put the strakes on...Well, I called the factory, and it seems that strakes are not optional. Hmmm....I was over at Buffalo Airport getting a flight lesson from Bruce when I was told that the hanger across from him was available. Hmmm....Around the same time, I spoke with my frient and building mentor Travis Holland about coming out for a visit and to help me work on my strakes...a month long visit! Yup, I took August 2008 off of work, Travis flew in, I got a hanger, moved the plane, and the most intense building session for me ever began! This first picture shows me marking the level line for the strake install.

8/29/2008   Picture 33

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